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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My favorite pics from the past week, I know, I'm taking way to many!!

Marlee was gone to girls camp this week so I didn't get any of her, but she's already promised to model for me this week. My kids are starting to get tired of all the pictures, can't blame them I guess!

Teagan, he's way too cute, for some reason he holds his breath when I take pictures of him, so after a couple of pictures he falls to the ground breathing hard.
Teagan 6 2008

teagan 6 2008

Cole, his favorite thing to do after I take pictures of him is to take them of me.
cole 6 2008

cole 6 2008

Well Kiya cut her own bangs, she has been wanting them for about 2 years and I keep telling her NO, I don't like bangs!! So she finally went and did it herself, luckily they don't look too bad, I havn't even taken her in to get them fixed, and she still looks cute, even though I still don't really like bangs. What do you do?
Kiya 6 2008

kiya 6 2008

Ryken has a really hard time sitting still for any pictures, but when he does he will NOT look at me, bug!! I thought these turned out cute.
ryken 6 2008

Ryken 6 2008

ryken 6 2008

This is what he likes to do when it's picture time, funny huh.
ryken 6 2008

ryken 6 2008

Here is Ryken in Boise a couple of weeks ago.
Ryken color 6 2008

Ryken 6 2008 2

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Pics of New York!!

We got back from New York last week and I think I’m just now recovering from all the walking. I felt like we walked 20 miles a day and I think we were all speed walking to keep up with Tara since her legs are way longer than all of ours. I went with Marlee, my mom and three of my sisters. We had a ton of fun seeing all the sites, touring NBC studio, taking a boat tour, walking though Central Park, taking lots of Pics. We stayed 2 nights at my friend Jessie’s house and 4 nights in a hotel near Time Square. The last night we were there my friend Jessie took to the beach and we all went out to dinner. We had several star sighting, thanks to Tara’s and Noelle’s keen eyes, and one naked lady being painted in the park. Here are some of the pictures we took.

Central Park

Marlee at Serendipity drinking her frozen hot chocolate! Yum

The apartment's behind Marlee were the ones in I am Legend.

All of us at Carmines!

Our boat Tour.

Central Park

The New Jersey beach, Marlee says she wants to move there.


This is Jessie and her little boy Leim. He's sooo cute!

Me and Marlee in Time Square
Pregnancy pics Laura took in some cool places in the city.

Steph preg #6 new york 6 2008


Friday, June 6, 2008

Still trying to figure out my new camera.

Kiya 6 2008

Kiya looks so pretty!!

Here it is in black and white, just because I think it looks cool.

Here she is in the front splits.

Teagan wanted in on the picture taking action.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun dance poses of Marlee, can you say flexible!!

Pics of the fam at Paul's softball games this weekend.

Cute pics of Ryken at the game.
Paul right before his softball game.
Love this one of Marlee!

Marlee's 200 open at her track meet. 1st place! She also placed first in the 100 open!

Marlee tumbling pass for cheer tryouts!

Ryken's 2nd Birthday!!!

Kiya's power tumbling spring 2007

Kiya Tramp 2008

Kiya Tramp 2008
Great shot of Kiya at a tnt meet in March!! Go Kiya